What is the price and estimated delivery time of a TIMS customized magazines?
Price: Rs. 900-14,900, depending on the number of pages. ​Check out some offers
Delivery charges are extra, depending on the weight.
Time: 7-20 days to write, conceptualise and design the magazine, depending on the pace of approval from your side.
Delivery time is usually 1-2 days for deliveries in India.
How is the privacy of the data (photos & stories) maintained while making a TIMS customized magazines ?
Privacy is 100% maintained and pictures are only shared amongst the team members. All the data, except the magazine, is erased from our accounts after the work is completed. We only upload the work on the website and Instagram with your due permission. If you want, we can also decrease the readability of the content before posting on Instagram.
Do all categories of TIMS customized magazines have different prices?
No, the majority of the categories have similar prices except the Brand, Corporate and Conceptual magazines.
For the three above mentioned magazines, we charge 30% extra for various reasons
like, removal of our branding, our contact details, building a new concept from scratch, etc.

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Can we order a single piece of a TIMS customized magazine ?
Yes, you can order any number of print copies of your customized magazine. Printing cost ranges from 150₹ – 750₹ depending on the number of pages.
What if I don’t have good quality or DSLR photos for my TIMS customized magazine ?
Documenting your life story must have no restrictions at all. A magazine can be made from something as basic as a snapchat selfie because there are no fixed design templates. Every magazine is designed from scratch to match the aesthetics of the photographs sent by you. We make sure that the photos remain the highlight of the magazine through our designs.

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What is the quality of the paper used in a TIMS customized magazines ?
300 GSM cover sheet
170 GSM inside pages
With glossy/matte lamination on the cover.
Where public magazines usually have a cover sheet of 100 GSM while inside pages have 50 GSM quality, we ensure that you get a high quality magazine so you can preserve it for a lifetime.

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Are all photos edited when I make a TIMS Customized magazine?
The photos are colour corrected if required from the point of view of printing. The colour correction is not done to make the objective changes like making the subject brighter or lighter, or changing/removing the background.
*The editing required technically may not be visible directly to your eyes.
*The colours in the printed copy may appear to be slightly different from that of the digital copy.
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Is TIMS customized magazine just for gifting purposes?
Absolutely not. You can have a magazine made solely for yourself as a decor element to be placed in the living room or in a function, or you can also get it for your friends and family members on their special days.

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You can also have a shelf in your living room with multiple magazines describing your journey as an entrepreneur or your trips to different cities and countries.

Travel Samples

You can also have these magazines placed at different spots in your wedding telling your guests the story of how you met. Maybe you can also use it as your wedding invitation/itinerary.

Pre-wedding Samples

You can use it as a branding/marketing tool to grow your business with more references and better word-of-marketing.

Let’s Partner

That’s what’s so special about your customized magazine, it fits every purpose that you may think of. All you need is a story to tell and relive.

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Who writes the content when I get a TIMS Customized magazine made ?
Our professional writers write the content based on your story. All you have to do is to get on a call with our content coordinator and tell them your story or you can also communicate the content through WhatsApp messages, voice notes and mails, whichever way is convenient for you. Consider this communication as a casual and informal chat session and not a formal interview.
Is the format fixed in every TIMS Customized magazine ?
No, there is no fixed format for designing and content writing. We write, conceptualise and design 100% customized stories for you and in a way that suits your taste.
How many photos are required for a TIMS Customized magazine ?
Number of photos depends upon the number of pages. We generally require photos 3-4 times more than the number of pages. For example, for a 4 pager magazine, 15-20 photos, for an 8 pager magazine, 20-30 photos, for a 12 pager, we need 30-40 photos, similarly, for a 44 pager magazine, we require around 170-180 photos.

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Is an occasion compulsory to make a TIMS Customized magazine?
Well, definitely not! Do you always need an occasion to celebrate life? No! Do you always need an occasion to make a memory? No! A magazine is joy in the form of pages. Like joy comes to you in the most mundane activities such as sipping chai sitting on the balcony with your favourite person, you can have a photo-book magazine made out of such beautiful little stories of your life.
Imagine having a full page dedicated to your first long drive with your wife in your pre-wedding magazine, another page dedicated to your first conversation and yet another telling the tale of your first fight. Possibilities are endless!
What if I don’t have too much content for a TIMS customized magazine?
No worries! Shorter categories are also available and you can now opt for a 4-pager magazine. Even a 2 minute conversation is enough to extract content worth 4 pages.
Number of pages range from 4 pages to 44 pages. You can choose the number of pages as per your photos, memories and budget.

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What if I have a lot of stories but very few photos?
Your customized magazine is all about your content and the concept. So if you have lesser photos, don’t worry, we got your back. We can make interesting eye-catchy, handrawn illustrations for your memories which don’t have specific photos. The charges for making these illustrations are extra.

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How many people are involved in the process of making a TIMS Customized magazine?
Concept, content and design are 100% customised from scratch as per your taste. 8-10 people are involved in the whole process, from the content coordinator, conceptualiser/compiler, content writer, content curator, photo editors, layout designer, typography designer, editor in chief/curator, printing executive and then delivery coordinator.
How many written words are there on every page of a TIMS customized magazine?
Every page of your TIMS customized magazine has 200-250 words on an average, 100% personalized from your stories & memories

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