Terms and Conditions


● Storyteller is supposed to pay 50% advance after the call interview with our content
coordinator. Balance payment of 50% is to be paid after the delivery of final soft copy(PDF) and before the physical delivery of the magazine’s hard copy, as the printing cost is hardly 5-7% of any project, and the real product is 100% customized concept, content & design.

● After receiving the written content’s draft from our side, if the storyteller requires more than 7 days to sort and send photos along with the content changes, they are supposed to pay the 50% balance amount. After that project can be kept on hold as per the storyteller’s convenience and time preference.

● Written content & photo selection (folder/article wise) is supposed to be 100% confirmed with suggested changes by the storyteller before starting the process of designing.

● After the completion of final design, more than 5 photo replacement changes and 3 specific text changes from the storyteller’s side will be chargeable. Also these changes shall be done in a single sitting. Hence make sure you finalise the content and specific photos before starting the design. This specification is maintained for every project to assure the natural flow of the design as conceptualised by the designer. Multiple photo changes always hamper the natural flow and aesthetics of the design as every design element on consecutive pages is ideally interconnected.

● Design related changes are not allowed unless it’s a genuine mistake from the writer/designer’s side. We’d appreciate the storyteller’s trust in our design aesthetics as we have a pretty good experience of 1200+ magazines and the design is always 100% customized as per the storyteller’s photos. If the storyteller has a specific design layout in their mind, they are supposed to share the exact references before we start the process of writing and designing.

● 500₹ is the fixed cancellation charge if the storyteller cancels the order after talking to our content coordinator about their stories/memories for more than 10 minutes. This is subject to confirmation of the order over a call/text/email by the storyteller.

● If we fail to deliver the hard copy timely because of a delayed courier but the soft copy was delivered on time, you shall be given a 10% refund. If both hard copy and soft copy are not delivered on time, you’ll get a 50% refund. (Only valid if the photos, content inputs and changes were given on time as discussed before starting the project)